Covenants On The Title

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Covenants on Land or Property

A covenant is a private agreement between two landowners affecting their land that is registered onto the legal title of the land concerned. Covenants on land are a form of private planning control and can be positive or restrictive. It is more common that covenants restrict the use of the land ( hence why they are commonly referred to as restrictive covenants).

Restrictive Covenants

When a covenant is restrictive this means the use of land is restricted in some way for the benefit of another’s land. This can lead to issues when building on land and you may find yourself seeking legal advice.

If made many years ago, land covenants can appear to be obsolete, but it is vital not to ignore them. Covenants bind the land, not the people who own it. This means that when land is sold, the new owners still need to adhere to the covenants.

If you choose to ignore a restrictive covenant, you could face a claim for damages and/or an injunction being brought against you. If you wish to make a change to the covenant affecting your land, you must apply to the Upper Tribunal to have any restriction on that land cancelled or modified.

The law around land covenants is very complex. Our lawyers are highly experienced in dealing with this area of law so you can feel confident that any issues will be resolved.

Enforcing covenants on land or property

Covenants are enforced by the Upper Tribunal and can be challenged. You can make an application to have a covenant discharged or modified. This is a complicated process, and it is wise to seek legal advice before proceeding.

Building on land with covenants 

If there is a restrictive covenant not to build on a specific section of land, the owner of the land must gain permission from the person who benefits from the covenant. If you breach a covenant without receiving this permission, you may face legal action. To prevent this happening, you may consider taking out ‘indemnity’ insurance to counter any attempt to enforce the covenant. Find out more about boundary disputes.

Removing covenants from deeds

If taking out insurance is not an option, you can consider seeking a declaration from Land Registry that the covenant is invalid.

Benefitting from a covenant

It may be that you have the benefit of a covenant and your neighbour is breaching the covenant in which case it is important to seek legal advice in order to protect your position. Get further guidance on planning projects and the planning law surrounding them.

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