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Development is both an art and a science. Intentions at local government level are often diametrically opposed to those of central government. We do not act for any planning authority and never will. Councillors’ views often clash with officers.

Planning Guidance from Kingsley Smith Solicitors

We have strong experience in providing planning advice and helping people with a variety of planning permission applications. We are also experts in giving planning guidance to objectors, and we always take an objective view. All too often mistakes are made, whether it is the Council, applicant or objector. The rights of applicants and objectors are very different and commonly misunderstood – Kingsley Smith Solicitors can give you comprehensive planning advice to help guide you through the planning maze.

Unfortunately the 1990 and 2004 Planning Acts still give the local authority the upper hand, leaving limited scope even on appealing against planning permission to allow certain proposals to proceed, even less for objectors. It is all the more important to get good planning application advice early. Judicial Review can sometimes be an option but early intervention is required.

Whichever party we represent in a planning permission application, our policy is to support our clients with a full professional planning guidance service throughout their planning permission application provided there is a reasonable prospect of success. Acting for and giving planning advice to farmers, residential developers and commercial agents for office or industrial developments needs a clarity of mind which can ultimately save you considerable financial risk and reduce the time and stress that is involved in planning.

Planning Application Advice for Developers

We are able to give planning advice on developments from modest schemes up to those that have national significance, whether in the South East or not. In this highly complex, technical field we are also happy to help those who in turn providing planning guidance to developers, working and giving planning advice in the background to boost their presentation to clients.

Planning Advice for Objectors

Our knowledge and experience in planning permission application advice and planning application objections can turn a local authority away from what it might otherwise have approved. We regularly act for objectors to development proposals and we have a high success rate. Presenting objections to a planning committee is a skill and we make that skill available to you.

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