Builder Disputes - Advice for Builders

At Kingsley Smith Solicitors, we know how frustrating and stressful a building dispute can be. Whether you’ve not been paid for a job you’ve undertaken or have a complicated contract dispute to resolve, the situation can have a negative impact on your business. We use our years of experience in construction litigation to give expert legal advice even with the most problematic of building disputes.

We can provide the solution to your building dispute, deal with the third party(ies) on your behalf, guide you through the relevant process easing your worries thus allowing you to continue running your business without hassle. Contact our expert property dispute solicitors on 01634 811118, drop us an email on or make an online enquiry.

Building Contract Disputes

One of the most common reasons for building disputes is conflict around agreements made at the start of a project. Perhaps a customer is disputing the type of work they wanted carried out in terms of the scale, the time-frames or costs. 

If there was no written contract set out at the start of the work and simply verbal agreements, you can still have a good basis for a case.

We would recommend that you put your grievances in writing and give your customer a chance to respond. Once they’ve had a chance to take stock and consider the problems, their frustrations may be channelled into a resolution.

If you have photos and/or film footage of work carried out, as well as emails, receipts and invoices proving that work was planned or completed, then these items could assist you to achieve a resolution or bringing a claim.  It’s important to start the process as quickly as possible when you believe there is a dispute, so you can avoid the disagreements spiralling and ending up in court, as well as being costly.

Construction Claims

One of the most common causes of building disputes is a disagreement over the cost of a project. Maybe you have a customer who is refusing to pay, or is not giving you access to complete the final part of the job that they’re supposed to be paying you for. 

In this incredibly frustrating situation, it can seem that taking legal action is the only way to resolve the problem. We would always suggest a process of mediation at the outset, with each party setting out their grievances and attempting to resolve the issue without taking the matter to court. 

It is worth bearing in mind however, that there  are time limitations  regarding making a construction claim which we can advise you upon.

We can help you to assess where you stand in the case and to mediate with the customer or client in order to reach a quick and satisfactory conclusion for all involved. Remember you can always try to reclaim lost funds that were spent on materials used in the work, provided you kept receipts and invoices.

In order to establish exactly what work has taken place and what claims each party has, we can help to appoint an impartial surveyor who will be able to assess the work done.

Legal Advice in Building Disputes

At Kingsley Smith Solicitors, we use out of the box thinking to negotiate resolutions to complex building disputes. Our experienced litigation team take a no nonsense approach to each problem. For information on disputes with builders, find out more here. Get in touch with us by making an online enquiry, call us on 01634 811118 or email us on for help with your building dispute.