Backland Developments. Building in Your Garden.

As expert planning solicitors, we have considerable experience of helping clients to build in their gardens. The process of developing on your private land in a legal capacity is referred to as backland development. As specialist planning solicitors we have a proven ability to apply creative thinking to overcome any potential problems.

At Kingsley Smith Solicitors we understand the value in backland developments as well as the complications that exist in planning law. You may want to build a bungalow for extended family members on spare land, or repay your mortgage by developing and selling land adjacent to your home. With our practical advice and supportive team of specialist planning lawyers, we will work with you to find the most effective solution.

If you have concerns regarding building a house in your back garden, we can provide quick and valuable advice, whatever the situation. For an initial consultation, call us today on 01634 811118 or make a quick online enquiry.

Backland Developments

Backland development can be a landlocked site, or just behind existing buildings such as rear gardens and private open space, usually within predominantly residential areas. These developments often have street frontage problems.

The land might be brownfield or greenfield, but regardless, subject to greenbelt or other restraints. At Kingsley Smith Solicitors we have many years of experience in dealing with these types of developments and can help you tackle this complex area of planning law.

As planning specialists we can also offer advice on the following areas:

  • Greenbelt land
  • Replacement buildings
  • Serviced plots
  • Custom Homes

Developing a property on a backland site can be a tricky process but with our expertise we can guide you through the planning policies you will need to adhere to.

Local authorities will often look favourably on backland developments because the alternative is release of land outside settlements. Achieving planning permission for a house or bungalow in your back garden may be easier, but not necessarily so.

You might find there are objections from neighbours and we specialise in handling these matters.

Garden Buildings Planning Permission

If you’re considering building in your garden, there are some regulations you should be aware of when planning your project.

Planning applications should relate to a site of appropriate depth and configuration in relation to boundaries, of a scale suitable for the local context and in line with the style of surrounding properties.

If your backland development is on a plot that was once a garden, then you may find for example that access is down the side of an existing house. In these cases, be certain that you ensure necessary rights are protected/preserved. 

How Kingsley Smith Solicitors can help

If your next project is to build a property in your garden, then we can help you through the process from the start right up until the house is built.

We can give advice on prospective development and give you guidance on how to maximise your case.

If you do have a respectable case for the development of outbuildings in your garden, then we will help you through each stage of your planning application, guiding you over any planning obstacles you may encounter along the way. 

When you achieve planning permission for your garden development, we can assist you in navigating the legal landscape when putting the project into practice and starting your backland build.

At Kingsley Smith Solicitors we offer practical solutions to your backland development queries, using our extensive expertise and specialist knowledge.

If you need help with an issue associated with backland developments, you can make an initial enquiry or call us on 01634 811118.

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