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Landlords in Slough Install Up to 6,000 Extra Beds without Planning Permission

Slough Borough Council has recently become the first local authority in the country to pay for a specially adapted survey aircraft to map the location and type of resident’s buildings.

A precise 3D map of everything in the Berkshire town has been published using thermal imaging, with surprising findings which could indicate a number of illegal outhouses and sheds built without planning permission. It is thought many of these are being used as living quarters and do not pay council tax. 

Initial analysis of the pictures brought back from the aircraft highlight 211 buildings that need further investigation, but subsequent findings display potential for thousands more illegal outbuildings which do not have planning permission to be used as accommodation.

Although nothing has been proved, Slough Borough have stated  that they will do whatever they can to hold relevant parties to account and it looks like they may issue Enforcement Notices against the owners of the properties.

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Beds Without Planning Permission

Photo from The Daily Mail