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Change Of Use From Agricultural To Residential

Generally, buildings for agricultural use will require planning permission if you wish to change their purpose from agricultural to residential purposes.

However, changes made in May 2013 and April 2014 have allowed a little more flexibility when it comes to transforming an agricultural building so that it is suitable for residential purposes.

Agricultural To Residential Change Of Use

As of 6th April 2014, additional paths from agricultural to residential use have been made available.

These new abilities allow not only a change of use, but also certain physical improvements that must be made to the property.

The change applies only to agricultural buildings of the class MB, which is a new class, meaning that there may now be a change of use MB to C3 (residential/dwelling-houses).

Any changes are subject to a 'prior approval' process from the local authorities before they can proceed, during which the local authority will carefully consider the impact of the proposed change. If you do not complete the changes within three years of the prior approval process then you must apply again.

The local authority may impose reasonable conditions on the changes you are able to make. If they do not make a decision regarding the approval of your development within fifty six days of the application being made, then you should be able to go ahead with the development.

Limitations On Agricultural To Residential Change Of Use

The limitations on changes agricultural to residential changes of use include:

  • The agricultural building to be converted must not exceed four hundred and fifty square metres
  • The agricultural building must not be changed to more than three dwellings
  • Development must not extend beyond the existing building
  • You can install and replace essential bits and pieces, including walls, windows, utilities, doors and roofs, and you may also partially demolish the house, but only if these steps are reasonably necessary for the building to work as a dwelling house
  • You cannot change the use of an agricultural building if the site is currently occupied under an agricultural tenancy, unless you get permission from all parties involved (that is to say, both the landlord and tenant)
  • The building must have been used solely for agricultural purposes on 20th March 2013, or when it was last used before that specific date
  • You may not be able to change the use of the building if changes have been made under Part 6a or Part 6b of the Second Schedule to the GPDO since 20th March 2013 or within ten years before development will begin
  • You will not be able to change the use of the building without planning permission if the building is Listed, or in an otherwise protected area (such as a World Heritage Site or Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty)
  • If you take advantage of the new rules to change use from MB to C3 class, you will not be allowed to construct agricultural storage buildings as permitted developments for ten years

There may not be a change of use from MB to C2 (residential institutions such as nursing homes) or C4 (Homes in multiple occupation, such as some student accommodation) without planning permission at this time.

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