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Home Admin Service for the Elderly

If, like most people in their later years, you are infuriated by convoluted bills and forms; incensed by ‘Press 1 for’ automated telephone services; or just confused about choosing the best options for things like insurance cover and investments; then help as it at hand in the form of a truly personal service from our dedicated Elderly Client Services team at Kingsley Smith.

Our Elderly Client Service

Our service is a Peace of Mind service aimed at lessening the stress and easing the burden associated with dealing with complicated and frustrating home admin tasks.

You may think that as a law firm we only offer legal services - and of course we do - but we go a step further than that for our elderly clients.

We understand that older people are in a vulnerable position when it comes to dealing with day to day administration tasks like making sure bills are correct and paid on time; forms are filled in correctly and policies actually provide the cover you need.

It’s difficult enough wading through jargon and dealing with exasperating call centres when you are faced with it on a daily basis, but when it’s something you are not used to, it can be seriously daunting and sometimes even upsetting.

The Kingsley Smith Home Admin Service for the Elderly offers a selection of services from which you can pick and choose as needed. It’s not a set package; it’s a variety of options that you can select from to suit your particular needs.

From just £12.50 per month you can have access to your own personal secretarial service: a real person who will listen to your concerns and help you to arrange everything; from buying a new washing machine to making a financial investment.

Some of the main services we offer our elderly clients are:

Service Includes: Benefits, Bills Checking, paying on time and dealing with queries; setting up direct debits. No more concerns over late payment penalties or services being cut off.

Bank and building society accounts: Management of accounts, from day to day funds to large investments. Stop worrying about whether you have enough in an account to pay certain bills, whether you are getting the best deal on interest rates and choosing the right sort of investments.

Insurances Renewals: obtaining quotations for any type of insurance ensuring that you are getting the best quote, and the cover you expect.

Entitlements: Ensuring you are receiving everything due, completing forms and making enquiries on your behalf. No need to worry over completing complicated forms, waiting in long telephone queues or getting to the post office to send your forms.

Legal services: Access to a range of services such as will writing and updating; updates on legislation and tax changes that may affect you; dealing with disputes and any other legal issues. Feel at ease with instant access to legal assistance if and when you need it, plus feel safe in the knowledge that you will be informed of any changes in the law so that any necessary updates to your legal documents or financial investments can be made in good time.

General Assistance: Help with anything that is causing you concern, for example arranging a plumber or electrician in an emergency; finding you a gardener; help with purchases such as household appliances; organising care for pets during hospital stays. Complete peace of mind that someone is on the end of the phone, ready to offer help and assistance on whatever you need.

Please contact our Elderly Home Admin Team to discuss in further detail how we can help ease the burden of your home admin tasks, and put your mind at rest once and for all.

Can We Help You?

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