Probate and Estate Administration

When someone close to you dies somebody has to deal with their "estate".  A person's estate is considered to be made up of the money, property and any possessions that they had at the time of their death.  The process of Probate means collecting any money that they are owed, settling any debts due (including outstanding taxes) and dividing the estate amongst the respective beneficiaries.

The Probate Process

All assets (including property) in an estate will remain frozen until the Probate Registry gives the authority (via a document know as a Grant of Representation) to the individual(s) nominated in your Will, the "Executor".  If you have no Will, then it is up to the most appropriate member of the family to act on behalf of the estate. 

If there is a Will the estate will pass to the people named in the Will. If there is no Will certain rules known as the Rules of Intestacy will apply.

Our Probate Service For You

Whether you are an Executor or the next of kin, we can provide practical guidance to help you deal with the administration of someone's estate. We can help you determine the size of an estate for Probate and Inheritance Tax purposes.  We can prepare an application for the Grant of Representation on your behalf and help you lodge the required forms with the relevant organisations to collect monies due to the estate and settle any outstanding debts.

Where it is beneficial to enter into a deed of family arrangement to save tax we can advise and guide you.

We will provide you with an efficient and reasonable service. Perhaps more importantly for you, we will handle the matter with compassion and understanding.

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