Chris Eastland

Chris Eastland is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (FCILEx) who has 30 years of experience in Dispute Resolution (civil litigation), and 23 years experience in Employment Law matters.  He also deals with a wide range of legal disputes affecting businesses and individuals.

Chris is adaptable and his strengths are that he is a very down to earth, easy to talk to lawyer.  We know that many people are daunted at the prospect of talking with a lawyer, you do not need to be with Chris.  Our clients regularly tell us that Chris immediately puts them at ease when he speaks with them and he takes a genuine interest in their legal challenges or disputes.  If you ask Chris to help you, he will speak to you in a clear and easy to understand way (no legal jargon to worry or daunt you) and explain legal concepts in very ordinary terms.  He also adopts an approach of being honest with clients and advises them as to the merits of their case (i.e. “as it is”).

Chris also specialises in general litigation matters for both business and individuals where he advises on a wide variety of matters from breach of contract and debt claims to timeshare disputes and defective car claims.  He is sensitive to his clients’ needs and expectations and fully understands that litigation can be a stressful time for clients as well as being potentially disruptive to their everyday lives.

He also has extensive experience in resolving neighbour and boundary disputes particularly over right of ways, shared driveways and areas, restrictive covenants, easements as well as party wall cases under the Party Wall etc Act 1996.

He also has considerable experience in acting and advising clients in relation to contested Will matters (in both bringing and defending a claim). He is a keen advocate of the principle that is generally followed by the courts that litigation should be looked to as a last resort with an attempt to resolve matters by way of negotiation and/or mediation.  Of course, in some cases, this is not possible and therefore if Court litigation is unavoidable, Chris will guide you through the “litigation minefield” and advise you as to each step that needs to be taken.

Chris also deals with employment issues ranging from unfair dismissals through to redundancy claims as well as drafting Contracts of Employment and Settlement Agreements.  He acts for both Employers and Employees.

Another of Chris’ speciality is advising and offering guidance in handling proceedings issued by regulatory bodies such as the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) from the early stages of investigation right up to and including hearings before the regulatory panel.

Chris takes on board that such procedures can be an extremely stressful and worrying time in particular that the eventual outcome could have a severe impact upon the individual’s career.  Inevitably, a number of sensitive issues need to be dealt with as well as taking into account that an individual’s professionalism and reputation together with their long term career and prospects can be affected and prejudiced.

Therefore it is extremely important to put the best case forward to which Chris can advise, guide and support you throughout the whole process as well as arranging expert representation at the final hearing.  A lot can be at stake in these types of proceedings and therefore it is extremely important to obtain full and proper advice from the outset.

Overall Chris’ main priority is in the best interests of his clients as well as keeping them reassured.  Chris very much believes in the long established Kingsley Smith approach to legal advice which is to provide practical legal solutions for all of our clients as well as providing them with the support and guidance that they require.  Chris will provide you with the best advice to solve any of your legal issues in the shortest period of time possible.