Pre Planning Application Advice

Pre Planning Application Advice

For pre planning application advice, contact us at Kingsley Smith Solicitors. We specialise in planning law and have a national reputation for success. We will be able to provide professional and friendly guidance regarding all planning matters, from pre planning application advice to the submission of appeals.

Why get pre planning application advice?

Before you submit a planning application, it can be beneficial to seek pre planning application advice – either from a solicitor or a planning officer. Many authorities offer this service of giving advice before an application is made. It generally involves submitting an outline of the proposal, and the officer can ask questions or seek more information, before giving an initial view about whether your proposal is acceptable. Having the opportunity to review your application with a planning law expert will ensure that you:

  • Do not submit an invalid application
  • Adhere to all the local and national planning policies
  • Understand other policies and requirements that may affect your application

Obtaining pre planning application advice will therefore give your application the best chance of success, preventing any unnecessary set-backs and complications.

Where can I find pre planning application advice?

If you would like some pre planning application advice, do not hesitate to get in touch. We are an independent firm of solicitors and offer a comprehensive range of planning law services, both for individuals and for businesses.

Whatever the nature of your proposal, we can provide specialist pre planning application advice. This includes explaining your rights and responsibilities, reviewing your application, and suggesting any changes that might be appropriate.

With our expert knowledge and guidance, we can help you achieve your objectives in the most efficient way possible.

Solicitors for pre planning application advice

To get pre planning application advice today, do not hesitate to get in touch. Call us on 01634 811 118 or complete our online enquiry form.