Welcome to Our New Website!

We've been a little quiet on our news page lately, but working hard behind the scenes to revamp our website!

We loved the old site, but it was no longer up to the task of helping our customers who use smartphones, tablets and other computers to access the website. Not everyone visits us on a desktop computer, and it definitely shouldn't be necessary to visit us on a desktop computer for every purpose.

Why The Change?

As well as people visiting us on smartphones and tablets, we've been listening to your feedback about the website over the years. Many of you have been in touch with your thoughts and opinions, and we've been delighted to incorporate many of your suggestions into the new design and layout of the website.

Eventually, all websites need to be updated, as standards and expectations change with the times. Some parts of our website would have been really obvious when they were first designed, but as computers and peoples' expectations have changed they're more and more obscure, and different conventions have become more common. We have to change with the times to make sure our website remains as useful as it's always been – run to stay in the same place! In this case, we've chosen to run a little faster so that we can actually get ahead of the game.

What's New?

The fundamental structure of our website hasn't changed much, so don't worry about how things work if you're an existing client – everything's much the same.

We know, however, that some people use our site to find information as well as to contact us and use our services as planning law specialists. With that in mind, we've used the website redesign as an opportunity to rewrite and edit many of our pages to provide more information for people who arrive on our site but aren't ready for a lawyer right this minute.

So if you're interested, check out our new material on compensation and objections, planning law for developers and landlords and compulsory purchase orders.

What else is new? Well, the website should definitely be easier to use for our clients and guests using smartphones and tablets to view our articles and services. It should also be easier to navigate – we've re-arranged our website menus so that our planning law services are easier to find and use. Most of all, we think it is easier to read than our old website, with much clearer text and forms.

If you have any feedback on a new aspect of our rejigged website, please get in touch and let us know! We want to know your concerns, so you can enjoy our website easily.

Searching Our Website

If you have a specific planning law question, our search function is still up and is better than ever. Alternatively, get in touch with us directly and we'll do our best to answer your question.

What's the Same?

Everything else is the same. We're the same company, with the same dedicated planning lawyers, the same customer service, in the same location in Kent we've always been found.

So you can still count on us!