Compulsory Purchase Orders

Over the last few decades we have advised in cases of national importance in the High Court and Court of Appeal and have been instrumental in cases that have altered the law surrounding Compulsory Purchase Orders (CPOs). We like to think our breadth of experience in Compulsory Purchase Orders (CPOs) is exceptional. Would you like this expertise on your side in Defending a CPO?

Common Issues Requiring Compensation

Compulsory purchase orders are probably the most common and straightforward way to receive compensation, to the point that many of our clients need to enlist our help to quash a CPO and retain control of their property. It is also common that clients will enlist us to represent them in the Lands Chamber. Compulsory purchase orders are complicated, but the government has fantastic introductory information available here. Blight notices may be served on a property that has been subjected to a CPO, but they may also be served in other circumstances, such as if a nearby motorway is to be widened or gas lines are to be laid on property that you own.

How We Can Help You With Compulsory Purchase Orders

We continue to support landowners served with notices. We represent clients in the Lands Tribunal upon the level of compensation, and in the courts when our client wishes to quash a CPO and remain in their property.

It is in the government's own literature that if your property is subject to a Compulsory Purchase Order, you should seek the opinion of a qualified professional, such as a solicitor. The Authority involved may reimburse you for the costs of seeking professional advice related to the compulsory purchase order.

If you're interested in negotiating compensation, or in reading more about compulsory purchase order compensation, we have an article on compensation and in particular compulsory purchase order compensation that may answer some of your further questions. If you still have questions after reading both these articles, please get in touch for an obligation-free reply that should answer any of your remaining worries, concerns or inquiries.

Why Choose Us?

Having been involved in the leading cases over such a long period, we feel confident in being able to advise even in the most complex case. In some people’s opinion, we are seen as the last haven for those cases that have been considered a lost cause by everyone else.

Seeking to quash Compulsory Purchase Orders requires not only considerable knowledge and skill, but also perseverance and attention to detail. We would be pleased to advise any landowners affected by a CPO.

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