Neighbour Disputes

We always seek to settle disputes by negotiation to reach a quick and satisfactory outcome for you. In the event that court action is unavoidable, we will guide you through the litigation process and do our best to ensure that a final outcome is achieved as soon as possible. Our expert litigation team think outside the box to find the best solution to your problem, no matter the nature.  Read more about the neighbour dispute services we provide below or get in touch to find out how we can help you with neighbour dispute issues. Contact us today on 01634 811118, make an online enquiry or drop us an email at

  1. Boundary Disputes
  2. Nuisance and Noisy Neighbours
  3. Tree Disputes
  4. Right to Light
  5. Shared Amenities
  6. General Noise
  7. Party Wall Disputes

Boundary Disputes

Boundary disputes are some of the most common neighbour disputes. We can advise on boundary disputes whatever situation you find yourself in.

The first objective is to agree on the property boundaries. This can include:

  • Establishing property boundaries when you or a neighbour are selling or buying
  • Establishing property boundaries when you or a neighbour are carrying out building work.
  • Establishing boundaries to safeguard you in the future

Unfortunately establishing the correct positioning of a boundary can be a minefield. There are many well established legal principles and land registry guidance but the law remains difficult to apply in day to day practice. 

Once boundaries have been established, we can then look at whether there is a valid case against you or your neighbour. Issues arising from boundary disputes can include

  • Building an extension that encroaches the boundary
  • Installing an outbuilding such as a shed that breaches the boundary
  • Installing a fence, wall or hedge that encroaches the boundary
  • A neighbour's insistance that an existing wall, hedge or fence is situated in the wrong position and thus creating an encroachment

At Kingsley Smith Solicitors we have experience working on both sides of the fence (so to speak), so we can work to get a successful outcome for you wherever you find yourself in a boundary dispute. We will work quickly and proactively to find the best outcome for you.

Nuisance & Noisy Neighbours

Problems with your neighbours can quickly become stressful & distressing, especially as these issues occur so close to home. Nuisance neighbours may cause you stress through antisocial behaviour or may even cause damage to your property.  At Kingsley Smith Solicitors we take nuisance neighbour disputes very seriously. It may seem like you’re in an impossible situation, so getting legal advice early on in the dispute is crucial. Find out more about nuisance neighbours and how we can help.

Nuisance neighbour disputes include:

  • Obstruction of access. For example to a shared driveway
  • Environmental hazards through overflowing of waste into your property
  • Anti-social behaviour from your neighbours including noise, aggression and acts of harassment
  • Use of intrusive CCTV by a neighbour
  • Burglar alarms constantly going off
  • Neighbours trying to claim parking spaces on public roads

It’s important to get legal advice so you know what options you have available to you and can start to deal with the situation. At Kingsley Smith Solicitors we offer practical, actionable advice and are expert problem solvers.

Neighbour Tree and Hedge Disputes

This section refers to disputes with neighbours arising from trees, hedges and bushes. If you’re looking for information around tree preservation orders please refer to that page instead.

Trees, hedges and bushes can present real problems between neighbours. Some of the issues you may come across include:

  • Blocking light (including high hedges)
  • Roots encroaching on properties
  • Damage being caused to neighbouring properties as well boundary walls/fences
  • Establishing who owns a tree if it is sitting on a boundary line
  • The impact on television and satellite reception
  • The blocking of views

Find out more about how we can help you with Tree and Hedge Disputes.

There are no on-size-fits-all answers to the issues listed above. Kingsley Smith Solicitors will examine your case individually and advise on how to reach a positive outcome. These issues are typically settled outside of court, meaning we can reach an agreement quickly and with minimal cost.

Right to Light and Loss of Light

right to light is a law that grants the owner of a building with windows the right to maintain the level of light.

Right to light can become an issue when undertaking a planning application, or it can affect you if your neighbour is planning a development or change to their property.

If you are considering building a new property, extension, shed or garden wall, you must be careful it doesn’t obstruct your neighbour’s light. We recommend seeking legal advice before starting work. You must consider whether the work will affect your neighbour’s right to light, or you could encounter loss of light planning objections.

If you feel your light may be obstructed or has already been, you may wish to make a lost light or overshadowing objection. You could also claim for compensation if the work has been completed.

We can help if you are concerned about a loss of light dispute or are already engaged in one. Kingsley Smith solicitors will advise you which parties you need to negotiate with and how to obtain a satisfactory outcome.

Shared Amenities

Are you involved in a dispute over a shared amenity such as a driveway or right of way with one or more of your neighbours? If you live in a property in which you share areas with other residents, then you may experience disputes such as:

  • Disputes over repairs & maintenance to shared amenities
  • Upkeep of drains and pipes
  • Upkeep of the shared amenities
  • Repairs and maintenance of shared roofs between flat-owners
  • Repairs and maintenance of communal areas within block of flats, maisonettes or appartments

At Kingsley Smith Solicitors we have years of experience in dealing with these sorts of disputes and can take a measured, expert approach tailoring our advice to suit each individual situation.

General Noise

You may be experiencing problems within your neighbourhood such as unlicensed premises causing disturbances, late night music or cafes that are causing a neighbourhood nuisance.

We can help you if you’re concerned about any of these issues, advising whom you need to contact and how to begin the process of solving these problems.

Party Wall Disputes

There are many changes to an existing property that involve a party wall (a wall shared with your neighbour’s property). Anyone carrying out work on a party wall must give their adjoining neighbours notice of their intentions. 

Find out more about Party Wall Disputes and how we can help you resolve any issues you have. 

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