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Your planning project is a deeply personal thing, and having to make alterations to that project can even feel painful. On the other hand, it could be necessary to make a couple of alterations to a project in order to get anything finished at all. How do you avoid having to compromise with the council? Alternatively, how can you make sure as much of your project succeeds as possible, make the best of a difficult situation, or even turn a problem into an opportunity? Kingsley Smith Solicitors can answer all of your questions. No matter what your issue is, we've always got your back.

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Your Planning Project - Our Planning Expertise

Whether you need planning permission for your planning project, or you've already got planning permission and you are slightly unsure about the next steps, our supportive and practical team can help. We have expertise in many areas of planning law, with particular expertise in areas around trees and tree preservation.  We can therefore be there for you throughout the planning application process and beyond, proactively advising on the particular quirks and pitfalls of planning law while keeping your enthusiasms, hopes and goals as our number one priority.

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Some of the areas we excel at include helping to resolve boundary disputes, dealing with issues around conservation and listed buildings, and mitigating or explaining the alarming notices and demands your local planning authority may send out.

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