Planning Contravention Notices

A Planning Contravention Notice enables the local authority to require detailed information about suspected breaches of planning control. They often indicate the beginning of trouble and should be responded to with great care to ensure minimal impact on your development. Kingsley Smith Solicitors have years of expertise dealing with planning contravention notices and can advise you on the best way forward.

Consequences of a Planning Contravention Notice

A Planning Contravention Notice is likely to require details of all uses of the land and buildings that might be a breach of planning control. It will also raise matters relating to the conditions attached to any planning permission already granted, and request names and addresses of persons using the land as well as those with a legal interest in it.

Being issued with a Planning Contravention Notice often presents difficulties for landowners and, in cases of residential property, might put the owner’s security at risk as well as the security of the lender.

However, if a Planning Contravention Notice is handled well, it may be possible to avert enforcement action. Obtaining contravention notice guidance could prove vital to the future of your development. Find out more about other types of planning notices and how to deal with them effectively.

Contravention Notice Guidance - How We Can Help

It is essential that you avoid giving information, knowingly or recklessly, in response to a planning contravention notice that is false or misleading. This is an offence, and will lead to a very substantial fine. The fine may be up to £5,000, and if further enforcement action is taken the planning authority can apply for a Confiscation Order under the Proceeds of Crime Act to recover other money from you if you have profited from the breach of planning control.

At the same time, you must comply with all requests of the planning contravention notice within twenty one days of the notice being served, as failing to comply within this time limit is also an offence. Dealing with a Planning Contravention Notice in the wrong way can quickly prove to be expensive.

Our proactive and practical planning advice can help you to avoid the potential financial penalties of non-compliance with a Planning Contravention Notice, and the possibility of a formal action for breach of planning control. Contravention notice guidance is one of our specialities, and we would be very happy to help you.

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