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20 Things You May Not Know About Kent

Kent is officially Britain’s oldest county. Here are 20 things you may not know about the garden of England…

  1. Kent has more conservation areas than any other county in Britain
  2. The town of Sandwich has the highest density of listed buildings of any town in England
  3. RAF Manston was the most bombed airfield in the UK during WW2

    Manston Airfield Kent
  1. Dover is the busiest passenger sea port in the world.
    Watch a fantastic time-lapse for the port in action
  1. Rochester Cathedral is the second oldest cathedral in England

  1. Remains of what is believed to be the world’s oldest known seagoing boat were found off the coast of Kent
  1. Kent has more 20th century defensive fortifications than any other county
  1. The very first white road lines were painted in Kent in 1914
  1. The Short Brothers set up the world’s first volume production aircraft factory on the Isle of Sheppey in 1908.

  2. Shepherd Neame, founded in Faversham, is the country’s oldest brewer
  3. The only underground army barracks ever to have been built in the UK are in Kent
  4. Dungeness is the largest shingle beach in Europe

  5. Kent Farms represent more than 40% of British fruit production
  6. The importance of Kent as a point of defence means that it has more castles than any other county – 18 in total.
  7. Barnes Wallis’ Bouncing Bomb was secretly tested off the coast of Kent in 1943, before being used in the Dambuster raids. There is a statue of Barnes Wallis  in Herne Bay, near the site of the tests.
  8. Each year, 44 million tourists visit Kent and contribute to the local economy.
  9. The highest temperature ever recorded in England was 38.5C in Brogdale, Kent in 2003.
  10. A third of Kent’s population live in a coastal or estuary district
  11. Winston Churchill lived in Kent during and after the war – Chartwell House was a source of escape where family could gather
  12. 67% of Kent is agricultural land

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