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High Speed 2: Record Breaking Planning Bill Goes Before Parliament

HS2, the government backed plan to link Birmingham and London by a brand new high speed rail link today progressed a step closer, as the decision was made to take the bill before parliament.

It will be the UK’s biggest ever bill – at 49,814 pages in total it explains in minute detail what will be affected by the development, and which communities lie within the proposed construction zone. Hundreds of paper and electronic copies are being distributed along the route, and parish councils, local libraries and other civic centres will be open to the public so the general public can view pertinent aspects of the bill. A special committee will then be set up to hear from the people directly affected by the line.

HS2 Goes Before Parliament

MPs will then vote. At the moment, it is clear that the line has cross-party support, however there are many key figures within the government who could hold the key to development. If MPs do pass the bill, the government will have the power to buy up land and houses regardless of whether the owner wants to sell. We may be a long way off yet, but no matter what it’s likely to mark a big sea change when it comes to the way big developments are put through parliament.

The cost of the project is estimated to be about £50bn.

It is likely to initially save 32 minutes on the journey between Birmingham and London – bringing the total time down from 1hr 21mins to 49mins.

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