Brighton Covered In Fake Planning Application Notices

Playfully subversive fake planning application notices have popped up all over Brighton.

The planning applications are the work of comedy blogger, powerpoint comedian and serial prankster Phil Lucas, and range from the surreal (building a giant otter's head) to the satirical (transforming The Grand Hotel into a postmodernist headquarters shaped like a bus).

We're sure that the whimsy and imagination on show will win Phil Lucas a few more fans. Here are our five favourites, but if you want to see them all, check them out on his actual site here and here. Be sure to check out his Lost and For Sale parody posters, as well!


We wish to close the medical centre immediately and turn the building into 'Amanda Holden's World Of Ham'. Sales in the ham sector have grown 300% in the past year, and we feel a celebrity-endorsed retail solution for this premises is the only viable option to meet the public's voracious appetite for ham.

Amanda Holden's World Of Ham perfectly skewers a particular combination of celebrity and industry jargon that dominates huge areas of our life.


I wish to close the school at the earliest possible opportunity and turn it into a helicopter museum. As a commitment to sustainable development and the environment, the picnic will contain a small duck pond and cylindrical bird-feeder. If I can source any, I'll probably try and get some newts for the pond too. Everybody loves a newt.

Between the corporate jargon of Amanda Holden's World Of Ham and the parody of obvious attempts at greenwashing on display here, I'd almost suspect that there's more than just wacky silliness going on here...


I wish to purchase from Brighton Council the three paving stones directly in front of my garden gate. I would then like to draw a rectangle on them. The rectangle will not exceed 1 metre in length.

Perhaps it is just glorious silliness after all.


I have given notice to the council that I intend to turn The King Alfred Leisure Centre into the 'Vegas of the South'. 2Unlimited will perform nightly whilst elderly ladies place their pennies in slot machines.

Or to give it its full name, the ''Vegas of the North' of the South'. We're through the looking glass, people.


I give notice that I intend to turn Jamie Oliver's former cafe into a museum of burlesque and Xtreme taxidermy.

These fake planning applications are pretty inspired – and we have to admit it gives us a warm glow to see planning law make the front page of Buzzfeed in any capacity.

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