Our Ten Most Popular Planning Law Posts

Time for a retrospective here at Kingsley Smith Solicitors, as we look back over our most popular articles, and see what they say about the state of planning law. We post a diverse range of articles, so we were interested to see which ones people really liked and wanted to see more of.

Our Ten Most Popular Posts

1. What Is A Section 106 (Or Section 75) Agreement?

Our article on Section 106 Agreements has a level of detail that few other articles on the same subject seem to have, so we weren't surprised to see how popular it is. The number of people who have enjoyed and shared the post demonstrates the increasing importance of collaborating and working together with planning authorities to improve your planning application and increase its chances of success.

2. Five Ways To Improve Your House Without Planning Permission

Most commonly we find that people who have accidentally built without planning permission would not have made their alterations if they had known that they needed planning permission for the work. That's why we wrote this guide to five ways to improve your house that definitely do not need planning permission, both as a source of inspiration for would-be DIYers and an aid to those already on the verge of starting some home improvements.

3. Duty To Make Reasonable Adjustments For Disabled Employees

This aspect of employment law is important and often overlooked. Naturally, this article about the duty to make reasonable adjustments for disabled employees became one of our more popular news posts.

4. What Is An Enforcement Notice?

Another post with a high level of detail, our article explaining what an enforcement notice is explains why you shouldn't let this official and intimidating-looking document scare you, but that you should still take it very seriously. We explain that it's not over yet, and you do definitely still have options!

5. Planning Law In The Infrastructure Act 2015

Our article about the effect of the Infrastructure Act 2015 on planning law was linked as a reliable source by Wikipedia, and sees curious readers dropping by regularly.

6. Twenty Inspiring Architecture Pinterest Boards

There's more to planning law than just law! We love seeing client's exciting plans as much as we enjoy helping to see them through to fruition. That's why we think our twenty inspiring architecture pinterest boards article resonated with our readers so much.

7. 10 Things to Consider When Getting Self Build Planning Permission

In an ever-more-expensive housing market, the self build is becoming a kind of English counterpart to the American Dream. We looked at some of the practicalities behind the process of getting self build planning permission, and hopefully helped some people into their first homes!

8. What is a Certificate of Lawfulness?

It's important to know what a certificate of lawfulness is for planning purposes, so our article had you covered.

9. Six Great Reasons You Should Leave Those Bats Alone (Aside From The Law)

A lot of people have enjoyed our post extolling the virtues of the same bats that occasionally seem very frustrating to developers. Whatever you do, don't just go ahead with your development, without advice, if there are rare animals of any kind on your site! Penalties can be severe.

10. What Happens To Empty Buildings?

Empty buildings are fascinating to urban explorers, city planners, and planning law experts alike. This article took a look at why that is, with some great photos taken by urban explorers along the way.

All News Is Good News

We love keeping our readers and clients informed and updated with legal planning news, so we try to post as many helpful and interesting articles as we can. If you do have any questions that aren't answered by our articles, though, we encourage you to send us a message or ask us a legal question.