Twenty Inspiring Architecture Pinterest Boards

If you're thinking of building an extension, developing on your land or planning any sort of significant adjustment to your house, these boards have plenty of cool ideas to draw from.

Ranging from mainstream urban architecture to quirky treehouse and eco-friendly builds, they're full of inspiration for form, function and fun.

Boston Architecture

Image by Stefano Montagner

Read on to see our pick of twenty inspiring architecture Pinterest boards.

1. Starting Slow

This board, Architecture by John Calhoon, is a fantastic introduction and almost works as a summary of architectural styles you might choose to use in your work.

Follow John Calhoon's board Architecture on Pinterest.

With everything from urban exploration photos to precise geometric shapes (both Euclidean and non-Euclidean), there is a huge amount to get you started in a very small number of pictures. This is a small board to follow that won't flood your dashboard.

2. More Inspiration

Design by Brad Read Design Group is fantastic for bits and pieces from all over the design world, but there's a very healthy representation from the world of architecture.

Follow Brad Read Design Group's board Design on Pinterest.

The best feature is the interesting commentary on each pin, which often explains exactly why the pin was chosen and gives some great ideas on its own.

3. Different Strokes

Jan-Willem Andriessen's Architectuur shows a number of buildings that aren't necessarily deliberately designed for conventional aesthetic appeal.

Follow Jan-Willem Andriessen's board Architectuur on Pinterest.

Nevertheless, these derelict barns and industrial buildings have striking design features that will definitely appeal to many out there planning their own extensions and developments.

4. Back To The Mainstream

Living Spaces by Flight Chic shows a jetsetty series of fashionable modern urban architecture on a grand scale.

Follow Flight Chic's board Living Spaces on Pinterest.

Living Spaces ironically has anything but spaces for living, with its acres of steel and glass, but there seems to be a taste for modern designs that have the vestiges of art deco and organic shapes lingering about the selected images that could be extremely interesting for a smaller developer to explore.

5. Urban Ghosts

Urban Ghosts Media is one of the internet's most popular sources for abandoned and urban exploration posts. The decaying architecture on display there is very interesting, and although this is a topic we've touched on from a planning law perspective in the past, we have to admit that Urban Ghosts Media do it better.

Follow Urban Ghosts's board Abandoned & Urbex on Pinterest.

Abandoned & Urbex is a fantastic collection of examples of faded grandeur. A little imagination, or slightly alternative tastes, and many of these pictures could be right at home on an inspiration board.

6. Frilly Excess

A sort of neo-baroque exuberance is on display in Architecture by Beautiful Images.

Follow Beautiful Images's board Architecture on Pinterest.

The strange shapes and beautiful, unnecessary and sometimes downright inefficient architectural sculpture that Beautiful Images gravitate to make a refreshing change from the often highly functional world of architecture.

7. Artful Arts Venues

Artful Arts Venues does what it sets out to do, and we can't outdo Ruth Hodgman's concise name for her board.

Follow Ruth Hodgman's board Artful Arts Venues on Pinterest.

The arts venues on these boards are genuinely impressive and creative.

8. Going Green

Eco Style Green by a mysterious individual known as Eco Gentleman really lives up to its name.

Follow ♂ Eco Gentleman's board ♂ Eco Style ✚ Green on Pinterest.

Not just metaphorically green, this is nature green in moss and leaf, resulting in a set of beautiful as well as inspiring and ecologically friendly images.

9. Practical Ecology

On the other hand, Eco Friendly Living by Chad Poore is much more practical and technology-focussed, but there are some fascinating developments covered.

Follow Chad Poore's board Eco Friendly Living on Pinterest.

The shapes involved are often interesting, echoing their environment from necessity as much as art.

10. Photos Of Synthesis

A synthesis between ecological concerns, science and technology seems to be the basis of I N S T A L L A T I O N by Omar G. Munoz.

Follow Omar G. Munoz's board I N S T A L L A T I O N on Pinterest.

Shapes reminiscent of the fundamental building blocks of the universe jostle elbows with simple geometric forms and stunning organic designs. Definitely a useful board for anyone with a green plot in mind.

11. Use Of Space

An intriguing board full of very visually striking buildings, with lots of apparently useless space.

Follow Centriciti's board Structural Spaces on Pinterest.

Structural Spaces seems to look mainly at how we use the space available to us when we build. Extremely unusual 3D forms are everywhere, and there are some fascinating departures from the safe and normal to look at here.

12. Around The World

Architecture around the world is a great board to follow if you're tired of all the urban architecture and images of cutting-edge technology that characterises a lot of popular architecture boards.

Follow The Himalayan Emporium's board Architecture around the world on Pinterest.

With a truly diverse offering, there is so much worth taking in here that you really would be missing out if you didn't follow this board.

13. Out Of The Ordinary

Bob Vila's Unconventional Homes is a great source of inspiration, with everything from outsider architecture to the avant-garde to simple homes from areas with very different approaches to building than exist in the UK.

Follow Bob Vila's board BV Picks: Unconventional Homes on Pinterest.

Well worth a look, as some of the themes on display could easily be taken and applied to an extension, significant redevelopment or new build.

14. It Was A Hobbit Hole, And That Means Comfort

A token Tolkien entry on our list, with some lovely Middle Earth inspired hobbit homes from Jacki McLean.

Follow Jacki McLean's board Earth Dwellings (hobbit love) on Pinterest.

Not for everyone but we think this is a lot of fun!

15. Indoor Swimming Pools

Thinking of building an indoor swimming pool? Check out these first.

Follow Sarah Rudston's board Amazing swimming pools on Pinterest.

Amazing swimming pools by Sarah Rudston displays some of the most striking and genuinely different swimming pools around.

16. Extension Intensions

Moving to more practical examples of extensions, this is the single best extension and home conversions image board we have ever seen.

Follow Steve A's board Building and home conversions on Pinterest.

For once, this is a board where most of the ideas are well within the grasp of the average property owner.

17. In My Treehouse

A truly grown-up treehouse is a great way to add some character and excitement to your home.

Follow Dan Ashbach / Dan330's board Cool Tree Houses on Pinterest.

Dan Ashbach's board highlights some of the best examples for you to read.

18. Rooftop Garden

Roof terraces and gardens can be difficult to get planning permission for. Luckily, if that's the case for you we can help out.

Follow Judith Sharpe's board Roof Terraces on Pinterest.

These roof terrace ideas really fire the imagination.

19. Green Walls

Green walls are already popular for offices and businesses, but they're also becoming more interesting to people who own large homes due to their insulating properties – as well as, of course, how attractive they can be.

Follow Nick McCullough, APLD's board Green Walls / Vertical Gardening/ Roof Gardens on Pinterest.

These are some of the best. Be aware that green walls can look really quite bad if they die off though!

20. Future Shock

Had enough of green this and eco that? Come back to the future with this futuristic architecture Pinterest board.

Follow Franz's board Futuristic architecture on Pinterest.

These adventurous shapes suggest utopian visions – perhaps they'll be able to live up to your own dreams?

What's Your Favourite?

Love any of these boards? Got inspiration for your own designs because of them?

If you've found this post helpful, let us know at @planning_lawyer on Twitter! We'd love to hear from you.