Option Agreements

Option agreements are a commercial tool used by developers who identify sites that will potentially be capable of development in the future. The agreements require considerable experience in planning administration, applications, policy and appeals, as well as planning law.

How Our Experience With Option Agreements Can Help You

We will ensure that you do not overlook details in the Option Agreement that may later prove to be significant. It is vital that the Agreement is drafted correctly to ensure that you can later exercise the Agreement for your commercial advantage. Find out more about Development Potential and Site Appraisals.

Option Agreements often involve a huge investment of time and expense, sometimes over many years. Failure to take specialist legal advice when drafting the Agreement can render the Agreement unenforceable. Do you want to take the risk that this investment might have been wasted?

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Even if there is no written agreement on a particular point, we may be able to provide advice on a remedy. Contact us to find out if we can help you to remedy your particular situation, or to correctly draft an Option Agreement for you. Find out more about Development Planning.

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