Access and Highway Issues

Access is a frequent cause of planning problems. Whether you have created a new access that requires planning permission, or a hedgerow has been damaged during construction leading to enforcement issues you need prompt legal advice and action from a solicitor with real expertise in this complex area to save the increase in development costs.

Kingsley Smith Solicitors are renowned planning law experts, quoted in major planning textbooks and legal cases, as well as in the government’s planning policy statements. We use our expertise to lead to as swift a resolution of your access or highway issues as possible so that you can complete your development as soon as possible. Find out more about the Highways Act.

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Access And Highway Issues Experience

We have assisted a large number of developers with a range of Access and Highway issues, including:

  • new accesses to a development requiring planning permission
  • damage to a hedgerow during development leading to enforcement consequences
  • failure to own or control the entire access to the nearest publicly adopted highway preventing completion of your proposed development
  • planning permission granted but not capable of implementation because of legal constraints
  • access issues only coming to light after your development is constructed when access acquires a ransom value
  • sightlines are also critical for new development, although there are sometimes ways of circumventing this on which we can provide you with advice

Whatever the nature of your access problem we will use our extensive legal and planning expertise to provide you with practical advice and assistance. We have virtually unique experience in dealing with highway access, particularly in relation to compulsory purchase. Find more information about rights of way laws.

Kingsley Smith has also been involved in court cases in respect of highway constraints and legal agreements. Our involvement in the evolution of the law is quoted in all the major planning textbooks and legal case citations, as well as in government planning policy statements.

Would You Like This Expertise On Your Side?

If you are currently facing an Access or Highway issue, you need prompt and practical legal advice that allows you to discover all of your options before making an informed decision about the action that you should take to minimise delay and expense. We will take the time to listen to your situation and then provide you with your legal options.

Please call us on 01634 811 118, complete our online enquiry form, or email our planning law expert Nicholas Kingsley-Smith.

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