Change of Use Planning Permission

At Kingsley Smith Solicitors we have a lot of experience with change of use and lawful development. We are planning law experts, and as such have handled and advised on many instances involving the change of use of existing premises over the years.

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If you are interested in changing the use of your premises, whether from a shop to a house or from a restaurant to a casino, we have two main pages dedicated to answering your concerns. If these don't answer your questions, we would encourage you to get in touch and ask us about your situation directly, free of charge and free of obligation. Our team is approachable and friendly, no matter what, we've got your back.  

Change Of Use

A change of use application is required for many types of changes of use. However, a full change of use application is not required for certain changes of use, often involving Prior Approval. For more details on change of use, including the four year rule and ten year rule, visit our dedicated page.

Changing the use of your building may be more complicated than you have anticipated. For help, advice and thoughtful suggestions, contact us online, by phone, by letter or by post.

Certificate Of Lawful Development

A certificate of lawful development is by no means compulsory, but it can be advisable in some situations. We can help you identify those situations, and smooth out the process of obtaining a certificate of lawfulness.

Sometimes complex issues can arise following an application for a certificate of lawful development, we specialise in dealing with extremely complex planning issues and always seek to deliver the absolute best outcome for the client. If your application for a certificate of lawful development is refused, it might be advisable to appeal against the decision to the planning inspectorate – we can also help with this stage of the process.

How We Help You

Kingsley Smith Solicitors help you by offering planning advice of the highest quality, informed by many years operating in the deepest and most specialist areas of planning law. This can mean that we help clients avoid common pitfalls, or equally it can mean that we help clients deal with the consequences of finding themselves on the wrong side of their local authority.

In all cases, Kingsley Smith Solicitors offer a sophisticated and intelligent planning service that includes covering all of the planning issues surrounding change of use and certificates of lawful development. Let us know what your situation is, and we will tell you if we are able to guide you.

Please call us on 01634 811 118, complete our online enquiry form, or email our planning law UK expert Nicholas Kingsley-Smith.

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