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Permitted Development for Extensions

Permitted Development Extensions

Depending on what extensions or other alterations you wish to make to your home, it may be possible for it to be constructed using what are known as permitted development rights, so you do not have to apply for and obtain planning permission. However, you must adhere to the conditions of permitted development extensions, or the project will not be lawful.

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Permitted development for extensions

Rules for permitted development extensions

In summary, permitted development rights enable a property owner to make minor changes and improvements, without the need for planning permission.

Extensions or additions to a house may be considered to be permitted development, meaning you do not have to go through the process of making an application to your local authority. Extensive rights are given to those with dwelling houses to make changes to them or build on land within the curtilage of your house.

Nevertheless, you still have to comply with the rules for permitted development extensions, or you will be in breach of the regulations. The conditions relating to extensions are lengthy and can be complicated, and are frequently amended by legislation.

Lawyers for permitted development extensions

A planning lawyer will be able to explain permitted development extensions further, clarifying exactly what is and what is not allowed. If your proposal does not meet the conditions and limitations on permitted development rights, a solicitor can help you alter the plans accordingly, or can pursue a planning application on your behalf.

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