Employment Tribunals

An employee has three months from the date of their dismissal to make a claim to an Employment Tribunal against you. If they do not do so in time, they will will lose their right to make a claim. If you are facing a claim against your business in the Employment Tribunal, early intervention from us can save a protracted and costly dispute.

Employment Tribunal Claims

There can be many different types of Employment Tribunal Claims, including unfair dismissal, sexual, age or race discrimination, breach of employment contracts (implied or actual) or unfair dismissal for redundancy.

Whatever the nature of a claim against your business, we can advise you early on in the proceedings of the likely outcome, make any appropriate offers in settlement or defend the claim if we do not believe it has merit.

Employment Tribunal Procedure

An application is sent by the Employment Tribunal to you and you only have 21 days to respond. ACAS will contact both parties to explore the possibility of settlement.


We will advise you at the outset of our anticipated costs so that you can carry out a costs/benefits analysis.

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