Change of Use from Residential to a holiday let

You may be a property owner looking for information around changing the use of your residential property into a holiday home, or perhaps the other way round. With our years of expertise and in-depth planning law knowledge, we can help support you through the process. 

Can I let my house as a holiday home?

Many people are interested in whether they can let their house on a short-term basis as a holiday home, whether through AirBnB or otherwise. Others are interested in whether holiday accommodation can be used as a permanent residential home. It is important to understand what can and can’t be done under the planning system. 

Do you need planning permission for a holiday let?

The planning system requires permission to be obtained for a “material change of use” in a property if you’re planning to rent out an annexe as a holiday home. The question is whether letting a residential home for holidays is a material change. If it is, then permission is required from the local planning authority. 

Is a holiday let classed as residential?

It all depends on the nature of the use. In some cases where, for example, the home is a second home used for holidays by the owner, their family and family friends, it would be more likely to still be used as “dwelling house” rather than anything else. There will be other cases where commercial letting of a dwelling house is enough to be a material change of use, for example where a property is being let out to large groups of people who do not form a single household. 

Another thing to ensure is that there are no conditions attached to your planning permission that might restrict the use of the building. Many holiday let permissions will contain a condition to prohibit permanent residential use (e.g. at certain times of year). 

We can help you navigate this difficult area and explore with the local planning authority what you can and can’t do.   

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