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Shisha lounges are popular with customers, but not necessarily so with planning departments. At Kingsley Smith Solicitors, we have extensive experience of shisha lounge planning law applications and appeals. We can also work with you to overturn enforcement notices.

If you’re planning to open a shisha lounge and are concerned about the planning rules around these then we can help. Maybe you’ve already opened a shisha café and have received an enforcement notice from your local planning authority.       

If you’d like advice about shisha lounge planning permission and what this entails, get in touch with our friendly and experienced team today. Give us a call on 01634 811118, drop us an email at or make a quick online enquiry.

Shisha Pipes

Shisha Café Planning Permission

At Kingsley Smith Solicitors, our planning expert Nicholas Kingsley-Smith uses his many years of experience to find out-of-the-box solutions to even the most complex problems. We have expertise surrounding the following:

  • initial planning application for shisha lounges
  • shisha planning law appeals  and enforcement notice appeals

Shisha café regulations in the UK vary from area to area, but the rules around waterpipes are very similar throughout.

Due to smoke-free legislation that targets all buildings, the way you build your lounge is important. Certain designs may fall foul of smoking regulations brought in to reduce the impact of passive smoking.

Shisha can be smoked in the open air where there is no roof or ceiling above the smoker. Where there is a roof or ceiling, at least 50% of the walls of the structure must be permanently open. Some shelters created for Shisha smoking may need planning permission or may be breaching the smoking shelter legislation, so it’s crucial to get expert advice.

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How to open a Shisha lounge in the UK

If you’re thinking of opening a shisha lounge, or have recently set up a Shisha business, there are laws around smoking, building planning, health and safety and trading standards to satisfy.

There are many different legal aspects you need to be aware of. We’ve outlined a few of these below.

For example, you must ensure:

  • That your premises have a valid fire and safety certificate
  • That noise, light, smoke infiltration is kept to a minimum
  • That your premises are not be enclosed
    That fire exits are kept unlocked
  • That there is enough ventilation to avoid a carbon monoxide build up.
  • That mouth pieces between customer uses are kept clean and disinfected
  • That hot coals are disposed of correctly

It’s also important to be aware that you may be granted planning permission, but this does not imply that you are compliant with the Health Act 2006 (the act which introduced the strict regulations around smoking).

You should also bear in mind, if you’re suppling hot drinks and food, you need to comply with the appropriate laws and regulations.

We appreciate the difficulty that shisha lounge proprietors have with some planning authorities. With our planning expertise, we can help you overcome any legal barriers, so you can run your Shisha lounge successfully.

For expert advice around Shisha lounge planning law, get in touch with our friendly and experienced team today. Give us a call on 01634 811118, drop us an email at or make a quick online enquiry.

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