Planning Enforcement Appeals

If you have been served with a Planning Enforcement Notice you may want to appeal against it. Kingsley Smith has the expertise to assist you with your appeal and work towards a positive outcome. We understand the stress caused by receiving a planning enforcement notice. We are here to help.

At Kingsley Smith we’re experts in appealing against planning enforcement action. We can work on your behalf so that your appeal has a better chance of being successful. We have a strong record of winning planning enforcement appeals for our clients. Call today to talk to us about your appeal. Get expert assistance from our specialist planning lawyers now!



Planning enforcement appeals process with Kingsley Smith Solicitors

If you choose Kingsley Smith Solicitors to appeal your Planning Enforcement Notice, we will assist you at every stage of your appeal journey. From your first call with us to a decision being made by the Planning Inspectorate (and any possible further legal challenge to that decision), we’re here to support you so that you have the best chance of success. 

We make the appeals process as painless as possible. Appealing a case with Kingsley Smith is quick and easy. Simply...

  1. Tell us about your case - the first stage of your appeals journey will be to talk to us about your case. We’ll ask you the right questions so that we understand the specifics of the issue.


  1. Preparing the case - Once we fully understand the details of your case, we will give you helpful advice on what documents you’ll need to appeal the planning notice. If you don’t have the documents you need, we’ll tell you where to access them. After that we can partner with you to prepare your case. 


  1. Submit your appeal - When you have all of the relevant documents, we’ll assist you in constructing a watertight case. We’ll work with you to present and submit that case with plenty of time to spare taking any worry out of the appeals process for you. 


  1. The decision - A final decision will be made by the Planning Inspectorate about your appeal. You will be notified of the decision and we’re still here to talk if you have any questions or problems. We can talk through whether there are any legal errors in the decision which might enable it to be challenged in the High Court. 


We’ll support you through every stage of the appeals process. When you contact us, we’ll advise on whether you are likely to succeed. We will use our legal expertise to improve your case. 

We are also well-practiced in reformulating cases at the appeal stage, turning it from something that was likely to fail into a well-presented, well-argued case that has a good chance of success.

“I contacted Kingsley Smith Solicitors after my retrospective application for a two storey extension and a single storey rear had been refused. This was because builders had not complied with the plans and measurements. After personally confronting them, they ran away never to be seen again. I was in the hands of enforcement action being taken in ripping my entire extension down and rebuilding in accordance to what was originally approved. 

Thank you Nicholas for helping me through this difficult time and for ensuring the best possible outcome on my behalf. I am so grateful to you for representing me, and for being a powerful solicitor for me throughout these difficult times. Thank you so much for your passionate, thoughtful, and brilliant work.” 


When should I appeal planning enforcement? 

You should appeal Planning Enforcement if you believe that you have a case against the notice that has been served. There are various different grounds on which you can appeal. We can talk these through with you and advise you on which grounds might apply to your particular circumstances. This may be hard to determine on your own, especially if you don’t have experience in understanding planning law and policy. This is why many people use specialist planning solicitors to assist in appealing an enforcement notice.   


How to appeal planning enforcement 

To lodge an appeal you must submit documents that argue against the notice and give evidence as to why they have a valid case. You need to identify which of the specific grounds set out in legislation apply to you. The scope of the various grounds can be difficult to understand without advice.

You may decide to appeal your planning notice yourself. However, a planning solicitor can help you put forward a compelling and legally sound case. Here at Kingsley Smith Solicitors, we have the legal knowledge that can enhance and support your case. We can help you navigate through difficult appeals processes taking away the strain and pressure that a planning enforcement notice can bring. 

We can help to clearly set out the legal grounds of your appeal, incorporating evidence that supports and enhances your argument.

Call us now to learn about how we could help with your appeal.


How long does a planning enforcement appeal take?

The timescale of your appeal case will depend on the complexity of the issue and on which way the Planning Inspectorate decides to determine your appeal. There are three options, which are designed to deal with cases of increasing complexity: written representations, an informal hearing, or an inquiry. Whichever method is chosen, planning enforcement appeals have a greater chance of being resolved quicker when the appeal case is supported with strong evidence. We can also help narrow the issues by engaging with the local planning authority to agree a Statement of Common Ground. This will reduce cost and help the Inspector understand what is in dispute between you and the local authority. We can offer the support of our expert team.


Planning enforcement appeal decisions    

It’s important that the evidence provided in a planning enforcement appeal is on time. If evidence is late it will be ignored by the Planning Inspectorate. This is another reason why using Kingsley Law Solicitors will help you to submit the best appeal. We can help you navigate the sometimes complex procedural rules that govern an enforcement appeal.

The decision will normally be posted in the Planning Portal search facility, so you can check back using your case reference number.

You can challenge the decision in the High Court if you think the Planning Inspectorate made a legal mistake. If this happens or has happened to you it is advisable to seek guidance from a planning solicitor. You only have 4 weeks from the date of the decision, so we would advise contact with us urgently to enable us to prepare a claim.


Kingsley Smith - planning enforcement appeals solicitors  

Kingsley Smith Solicitors provide expert planning enforcement appeals guidance. We make the appeal process as straightforward as possible with our planning expertise and our supportive, experienced lawyers. 

For professional assistance with an enforcement notice appeal, please get in touch with us at Kingsley Smith today. We have extensive experience in this area of the law and can assist you, no matter what the nature of your appeal or what stage you are at.

To speak to a solicitor about a planning enforcement appeal, please contact us on 01634 811 118 or complete our online enquiry form.