Prosecutions arising from planning or environmental issues

Prosecutions arising from planning contraventions are relatively common. Sometimes compelling matters, principally of a financial nature, make defending a prosecution either a necessity or the better option. Magistrates Courts are usually reluctant to see hardship caused to an unsuccessful appellant who appeals against an enforcement notice. Find out more about planning notices. 

How Our Experience Can Help You

We are familiar with negotiation ploys that can result in a good outcome for you. We would be happy to advise on what steps you might take, and the prospects for either a successful defence or mitigation of any action taken against you.

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Defending environmental prosecutions are a specialist area. We undertake defence work against prosecutions that are principally brought by the Environment Agency, although there are other bodies with prosecution powers. Magistrates Court work, in which we are highly experienced, can result in highly satisfactory outcomes.

We would be pleased to examine and appraise your circumstances and advise you of the steps you can take and the likely outcomes.

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