Conservation And Listed Buildings

Whether you need help with the Wildlife and Countryside Act, trees and Tree Preservation Orders, or listed buildings in conservation areas, Kingsley Smith Solicitors can help. Bringing decades of planning law experience to bear on your problem, we take a proactive approach to planning law to seek the best possible out come for you, bearing in mind your particular goals and aspirations. We can offer advice too around conservation restrictions.

Wildlife And Countryside Act

The Wildlife And Countryside Act has remained fairly consistent since 1981, making it a strong piece of legislation that requires a knowledgeable and thoughtful approach. We are well placed to assist you with any questions or projects you have that pertain to the Wildlife And Countryside Act, having dealt with issues relating to the Act many times.

Lake and trees

Trees And Tree Preservation Orders

In all areas of planning law, the correct response to a specific case changes over time. Sometimes burdens placed on the original owner are no longer appropriate, sometimes boundaries between neighbours naturally shift over time, and sometimes neighbourhoods change so that concerns relating to past planning applications are no longer relevant.

This is especially true where Tree Preservation Orders are concerned, as trees can easily grow and become a liability or hazard over time. Further, Tree Preservation Orders can sometimes be issued when they are unnecessary or not entirely appropriate given the details of your situation. Alternatively, Tree Preservation Orders can be a valuable tool for objectors, as a local planning authority may not be aware that a tree or grove of trees has grown to provide amenity to the community or protection for important wildlife.

Listed Buildings And Conservation Areas

Listed buildings and conservation areas add a great many complications to any planning project. We can advise you no matter what stage of your planning project you are at, offering support, safety, and expert guidance. If completing your project is particularly important, we can advise you on all the options you can take and the likelihood of their success, then help you through the process of taking those options if you so choose.

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