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The power of the court to review decisions made by public bodies is of paramount importance in planning matters.

When it comes to planning permission judicial review has to be applied for promptly and there is a 6 week limit starting from the date of decision, e.g. the grant of planning permission, which is to be challenged. The trigger point for a claim is often misunderstood - we are regularly asked to advise in cases where the client is simply too late to apply for a judicial review. To ensure your planning permission judicial review rights are protected you must contact us about your case urgently.

When is a Judicial Review Appropriate?

There are many scenarios in which judicial review is the most appropriate solution, but the merits of the claim and prospects for success are always dependent on the particular case. We can advise you on your chances when a case goes to judicial review, and ensure you have explored all of your options to challenge a Council’s grant of planning permission.  We can also help you challenge an inspector's decision on appeal. Find out more about making an initial planning objection here.

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The nature of planning permission judicial review as a remedy is too extensive to set out adequately here, so we offer a free initial telephone conversation so that you can find out whether it is appropriate for your situation. However, please remember the time limits mentioned above.

If you believe Judicial Review may be an option, please contact us urgently.

Need Help or Advice With a Judicial Review?

If you would like advice on Judicial Review planning applications or any other form of planning law advice, please call us on 01634 811 118, complete our online enquiry form, or email our planning law expert Nicholas Kingsley-Smith.

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