Objecting To Building In Green Belt Areas

Building on green belt land remains one of the most controversial issues in the planning system.

With green belt land taking up approximately 13% of the available land in England, and housing under ever more pressure, what happens to that land is important. Find out how you can make the most of land surrounding your house, with backland developments. If you want to have your say in what happens to land in green belt areas, we can help.

Acting For Objectors To Green Belt Development

Acting for objectors to a development that is proposed, or taking place, frequently enables us to change a local planning authority's approach - although it is by no means an easy task, whether it be officers or councillors.

You do not need to live in close proximity to a site or have a close tie to the site in order to object to a planning development, and you can object as a group or as an individual. A group objecting to a planning development may be a resident’s group, or it could be an environmental pressure group. Common reasons to object to a proposed planning development include concerns for wildlife or the historical significance of a site.

It doesn't matter if you have a political, moral or social reason for objecting to a development (like the impact of an airport on local wildlife, or the impact of a chain pub on the local community) or if you're just objecting for your own sake, all concerns and objections have to be treated seriously, taken on their own merits. What we excel at is framing the objection correctly so that whoever - or whatever body - is making the decision will give the objection the appropriate weight.

If a development relates to a material planning consideration, or looks like it represents a significant violation of a local development plan, feel free to discuss your concerns with us through our contact form, and we'll give some initial feedback and decide if we think the case is worth pursuing. Find out more about other types of planning objections.

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