Family Friendly Policies

Family Friendly Employment Policies are at the centre of the Government's policies to ensure that people can manage their family commitments whilst at the same time being able to find and maintain employment. As an employer this means that you must try to help your employees balance their family commitments with their job. Are you doing all that is expected of you? If you are unsure, expert employment advice now could save you a costly claim later.

Consideration of Family Friendly Policies

Matters that need to be taken into account in this area of Employment Law include:

  • Flexible working hours
  • Part-time working
  • Creating an understanding and trusting culture (not making employees that take advantage of family friendly policies feel less committed to their role)
  • Flexibility to cope with emergencies. Employees who are suddenly unable to attend work due to breakdown in care commitments or illness often have to change their plans at short notice. Allowing this flexibility with the time being made up at a later date makes employees feel more valued.
  • Special short notice leave. This could be paid or unpaid but means that an employee can have a certain specified number of days available to deal with any emergencies.

Let Us Advise You On These Requirements

If you are unsure of your requirements, taking early and specialist employment law advice can save you considerable expense at a later date.

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